#4031. Iron Steamboat Company 100 shares. SPECIMEN.


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#4031. Iron Steamboat Company (New Jersey) 19__. Office in Jersey City. 100 shares. SPECIMEN. No.00000. Orange borders. Side wheel excursion steamer with walking beam engine, “Iron Steamboat Co.” on the paddlewheel box. Passenger train, below. Also included is an 1882 PROOF impression of the steamboat, a cancellation PROOF testifying that the plate was destroyed in 1936, and a PROOF 1881 invitation to the opening excursion of the steamboat “Cygnus” for that season. American Bank Note Co. 10.5” x 7”. EF (PROOF 100 share certificate). The vignette PROOFS are VF+. The invitation is printed on India paper mounted on card, and the card has some edge splits which don’t affect the India paper.

This company ran excursion steamers between Manhattan, Coney Island, Rockaway Beach, and Long Branch New Jersey.