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#4108. American Ship Building Company (New Jersey) 19__. Preferred shares. SPECIMEN. Olive green borders. Great Lakes steamer. Griffin, left. Franklin-Lee Bank Note Co -ABN monogram. 12” x 8”. VF+. Light “RETURN TO ISSUE ROOM” stamp.

The American Ship Building Company was the major builder of Great Lakes ships. It began the Cleveland Shipbuilding Company in 1888. In 1900 American Ship Building acquired and opened the yard in Lorain, Ohio in 1898. It changed its name to the American Ship Building Company in 1900, when it acquired Superior Shipbuilding, and West Bay Shipbuilding. World War I stimulated further expansion resulting in the acquisition of Buffalo Dry Dock, Chicago Shipbuilding, and Detroit Shipbuildiing. During World War II it was one of the top 100 major suppliers to the military.