Numismatic Auction Consulting

Whether you are consigning to an auction house, or purchasing from an auction house, we can act as your agent and show you how to maximize your auction realizations, or how to buy at auction in the most efficient and confidential manner. Here are some topics you may want to consider:

Thinking of Consigning to an Auction?

Does It Make Sense to Set Reserves?

What Numismatic Auction Insurance Issues Relate to Consigning?

Who Will Catalog Your Material?

What Really Goes On at the Auction Podium?

How Do You Find Out the Value of Your Collection?

Is Your Collection Suitable for Auction?

Is There a Better Way to Sell Your Collection?

How Do You Get the Best Commission Rates?

Should You Have Your Collection Certified First?

When and Where Should You Sell Your Collection?



When and Where should my collection be sold?

More topics to come.